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"what an Awesome day!"

My home inspections are a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. I am licensed in the state of Washington through training, testing, and certifications. I am a certified Home Inspector for the largest association of inspectors: InterNACHI. I prepare and deliver to the client a written, contemporary report of my findings. The client then uses the knowledge gained to make informed decisions about their pending real estate purchase.

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What an awesome day!
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Video of a home inspection. Check it out!

My Inspections - Step by Step

My home inspections start on the exterior. Biggest concerns? Property grading, roof and moisture problems are deficiencies I look for. The grading of the property is very important and I often find grading that will direct rainwater right into the crawlspace or basement causing many types of deficiencies. Moisture problems often generate from a roof deficiency; such as no kick-out flashing. This can lead to siding problems. I inspect the whole exterior home envelope and then get on the roof. The roof is where small seemingly insignificant problems can (by gravity) cause water to enter the home and reek havoc all the way down to the basement. 


Once I have completed my exterior inspection, I go to the interior. I inspect from room to room testing outlets, bathroom and kitchen plumbing, windows, search for moisture problems, and more. I inspect the hot water heater and note the hot water temperature. I turn on heating systems and inspect the interiors of furnaces by taking off panels. I check the temperatures of the vents while running the heat and if applicable, the cooling. I pull off the electrical panel front cover and inspect the wires firsthand. 


One of the bigger reasons you should hire a home inspector is their willingness to go where most people don’t; the attic and crawlspace. They are dirty, dusty, dark, and hard to maneuver. Yet this is often where we find some of the bigger deficiencies. Let’s say the whole home looks really good, but what you did not know; there was at least $10,000 dollars of damage under the crawlspace by termites or moisture problems. I either saved you this money in negotiations or I helped you decide that this home has an insurmountable problem you do not want to deal with. One way or the other, I think you know, hiring me was a must! I look forward to inspecting for you. 

This is what I can do for you: 

(not a bullet-point list. I don't like those!) 

As a licensed inspector, I feel a little like Sherlock Homes. I find defects and then search for the source. My experience helps me zero in on anomalies within the patterns of the home. I may spend more time than some inspectors. I want to be thorough. I love this job so you get enthusiasm! It is going to be an Awesome Day! 


I am a licensed structural pest inspector or SPI. This means I have experience in identifying insects that destroy wood. Is it a Carpenter Ant or ant damage? Is that a mud tube for Subterranean Termites? Ever heard of the Anobiid Beatle? They are prevalent in the crawlspaces where high humidity can draw them in and rip up the structural foundations. They leave piles of frass. You can hire me to create a separate report dedicated to the insect inspection of the home you want to buy, for a loan or other reasons. Yet I will still inspect for insect problems as part of the normal home inspection price. Let’s hope there are none! 


Wells are important! Knowing that you are moving into a home where well water that has no Coliform Bacteria, Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates or Uranium, helps you feel confident in the drinking water. Also, how many gallons per minute (GPM) does the well produce? Good question! I can test for that. I can help you know the strength of the well. 


Mold testing? I can swab test and I can also sample the air at a quick turnaround for the lab results. 


Thermal camera? I have one and if I feel there are possible moisture problems, use this camera to enhance my findings along with moisture meters. This is free! Helps me find the extent of where that moisture is and how far it has traveled. This makes it into the report. 

I used to be a professional photographer so your images,  I think will be a step up from the normal inspectors. 


Commercial property? I got you covered. If the project is large, I will hire a team of experts to get the job done quickly and correctly, combining all findings into one report. 


I know you will find me interesting, upbeat and contemporary. My reports are image filled with some videos if needed. They are easy to understand. 


Hire me and you will think “Awesome!”

Not only are you paying for great Service and a Contemporary Report, you are also paying for; 

Knowledge, Experience, Custom Skills, Tools, Time to Plan and Prepare, Professionalism, Work Ethic, Discipline, Commitment, Integrity, Taxes, Licenses, Education, Insurance….and the list goes on!


Everyone loves my wood business card! When you see me just ask, I'll give you one. Awesome!



Fall in Eastern Washington? Magic! This is my family. 29 years of wonderful marriage and fun-loving kideroo!

"There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home"  Rosalynn Carter
"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it" George A. Moore
"The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home" Confucius
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