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David Beckstead 
WA state Inspector #2302
Awesome Day Home Inspections LLC

 Office (Call first) 509-738-6400

Cell (Call 2nd) 509-680-8907

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Résumé for David Beckstead Inspector #2302

Awesome Day Home Inspections LLC

Kettle Falls

Home (509)738-6400

Cell (509)680-8907

Moved to E. Washington 2005 from Arizona. 

Google (internet search) David Beckstead to learn more about

his professional life.     



Previous jobs:


1984 to 1996: 12 years Forest Service Hot Shot firefighter. Squad boss. Chainsaw boss. Chainsaw Class C faller. Trained in leading multiple crews on forest fires. 


1996 to present: Professional photographer. Public speaker speaking to rooms up too 2000 photographers. Photographing weddings around the world. Traveled to at least 30 countries for my professional jobs. (traveled to more than 75 countries since 1984) 

Worked in these countries:  Australia, New Zealand, China, Serbia, Canada, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, Borneo, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Turkey, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Greece, Bangladesh, South Africa, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia and more. Worked in at least 25 US states.


Writer of 3 photography books. Created 10 educational videos.


2016: Construction manager in 5 states for American Girl store. Hiring and managing painters, electricians, and all skilled labor to prep openings for holiday temporary stores in malls. My own jobs included creating and laying out Cat 5 wiring for cash-wraps and security cameras and assisting skilled labor in all jobs. 

2017: Construction manager in 10 states for American Girl store. 

2018: Construction manager on new restaurant (exterior siding and interior wood package)

120 hours of Home Inspection physical classroom training in WA. 40 hours of onsite home inspections. Inspector #2302

3 years as licensed home inspector in WA.


My attitude and aptitudes

I have an aptitude for working with my hands and because of my photography career, I can visually find and pick out problems in the chaos of textures and lines in a home.


I have a gift for self-learning. I learn and absorb quickly. I am not satisfied with learning just enough to get me by. I desire consistent advancement and skill levels. I want responsibility


I am self-motivated, responsible, dependable, and punctual. I am a family man with 30 successful years of marriage. I have a positive outlook on my life and work. I am organized and take on multiple concepts and jobs easily. I am open to learning from others. I have troubleshooting skills. I am proficient with computers, software and typing.


Life is Awesome!!!




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