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Schedule a Manufactured Home Foundation Inspection and Engineering Report



Foundation Certification 

Partnering with engineering firm licensed in WA, we are providing FHA-HUD manufactured home foundation engineering certification. The engineering firm will provide an engineered stamped certification, verifying the manufactured home is placed on a permanent foundation that complies with the HUD Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes (if it does not comply, clear reasons will be stated with imagery). 

Additions, Alterations, Modifications

If there are additions to the home (such as a porch that is attached to the home or carport or anything that is attached and not self-supportive) many lenders, underwriters and/or appraisers will also require additions information as part of the certification order. 


        Here are inspection orders I can fulfill: 

  1.  Permanent Foundation only

  2.  Additions only

  3.  Permanent Foundation and Additions. (37% discounted price at the time of inspection if ordered right upfront)

Many times a Permanent Foundation is ordered and then, later on, an Additions order is asked for. It is much cheaper to order them together upfront. 

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