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"David of awesome day home inspections is a real professional. He was extremely helpful in all aspects of the inspection process and really invests his time and energy into the home he is inspecting. He is easy to work with and I would highly recommend his services to anyone. -Jake "

"I am VERY happy with your assessment of the property on which  I recently bid.  I will ask you to do a similar thorough assessment on the next "garden with a house" I find near Colville - as soon as I find something else suitable.  (Knowing the structural issues caused me to rescind my offer).
While sad, I am simultaneously relieved that I didnt let my, "Ahhhh" emotional reaction to the place overwhelm my higher cognitive functions when faced with significant necessary repairs" - Pam

"Hi, David,

I was just in having or dog Asher's nails trimmed, and we got talking about Maggie's house.  She was over-the-top pleased with your inspection and you as a person.  She loved the name of your company and your business card and everything.  She thinks you are the coolest guy ever.  Apparently, her real estate agent has put you at the top of her list when she needs to find an inspector.  Just wanted to share.....I know you are working hard, so it is nice to receive feedback like this."


Mr. Beckstead of Awesome Day Home Inspections truly did an AWESOME JOB on a commercial property of 6000+ sq. ft. - Very thorough

and complete, leaving no questions unanswered. Great report with MAJOR, MODERATE, and Minor repair suggestions explaining who

I would need to contact and/or what needed to be fixed. Many pictures included in the report to show areas of concern. Did such a great job that I had a residential property inspected a few days later. Thanks again for your 5 star job on these properties!   Charles

We would like to take the time to thank David at Awesome Day Home Inspections, LLC. 
David provided a professional inspection of our prospect property. His experience, dedication, and commitment are unparalleled. His service was punctual and professional. The quality of Video & Photography was unmatched, coupled with his intuitive and detailed written report, the documentation and illumination it provides gives a commanding overview of concerns. He braved a precarious climb to gain access to a hornet & wasp infested attic wearing little more than basic protective gear, in an amazingly successful effort to obtain a complete and full report, from basement to ceiling. His practiced perception and wisdom provide a flawless tour that nothing appears to escape. Awesome Day Home Inspection provided a highly competitive rate, regardless Dave is worth every penny. We recommend Dave and Awesome Day Home Inspections above all else. His master craft truly lead to "an Awesome Day".   

Sincerely,  Christopher & Colby Walter, Chewelah WA. 

After living in our house for 4 months, we have yet to find any issues. We got a very detailed report on everything (including the snow-covered outside) and couldn’t be happier with his work. He was very professional in all our interactions and easy to contact and work with when we had to change plans with him. We definitely recommend his service.     Katie

We really appreciated David for his thorough inspection, and always keeping us informed. David's photos and explanations for our home inspection were excellent. Thanks, David...we are looking forward to meeting you in person, and hopefully getting a wooden key chain!

Mike and Anita

David we wanted to thank you for your prompt response to inspecting our home! From your pics & explanations we understood what you saw, this was very important to us because we hadn’t seen the property at that time & knew what our job would be ! If we were asked if we knew anyone who could inspect there home it would be Awsome day home inspection!!
Thanks again David
Fred and Kim Farmer

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