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Sad Crawlspace!

This crawlspace was very hard. I felt sad for the client. The home looked great. But when I got to the foundation, the problems started adding up.

I decided to write out a list for the client. Kind of a what to do in the order I think things should be done.

The crawlspace has a lot of problems. No ventilation, no easy way to crawl around (it is dangerous to be in there).

These are my recommendations:

1. Hire someone to pull out all debris.

2. Cut off and pull out all unused water and sewer piping. (totally blocking my way around)

3. Cut a channel by taking some dirt out to make crawling easier to get around to the problems.

4. Open up many areas to allow warm air to get in and dry out crawlspace.

5. Fix all wood rot and insect damage.

6. Fix cut joist

7. Fix columns, beams and support systems. Add more supports.

8. Add vapor barrier

9. Fix negative grade so water will stop flowing into crawlspace.

10. Create a better access point to get into the crawlspace.

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